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Spherical Block has been studying, experimenting and innovating with advanced masonry and ceramic science. These buildings are fire and extreme weather safe, they are cheaper to build and have tremendous design flexibility. 


Peter Roberts was recently a featured author in Structure Magazine

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Family owned and operated, Southern Tier Concrete Products Inc. has been serving masons and the construction industry since 1946. 

Our Architect

We are proud to be working with Robert Ferry of Studied Impact Design.  A leader in the sustainable design community and a fantastic architect with projects around the globe, Robert Ferry was the first architect to design with our systems.  Please check out his work here-

Business Development

My name is Brian Kern, I joined Spherical Block in 2015 and put this website together in February of 2020.  In 2016 I recruited Robert Ferry to be the architect for our NSF Phase II project and then I helped Pete build it in the summer of 2019.  Please contact me with any questions, suggestions or possible collaborations.

1718 Moland Road

Alfred, NY 14803

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