Masonry Arch Roofing with Arch Block interlocking masonry construction technology

Masonry Arches

Catenary masonry arches were an innovation of Roberte Hooke, head of London's Royal Society in the 17th century.  Filippo Brunelleschi's Florence Cathedral masonry dome proved his biomimicry herringbone design in the 15th century.  This Arch Block roof built in western New York in 21st century stands on their shoulders.

Arch Block have grooves for integrating rebar and enabling multiple types of masonry arch roofing systems.  Above is what we call a Flying V series of arches.  Below you can see corrugated and smooth arch roofing sections made with Arch Block.

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Masonry Construction Innovation

This interlocking masonry system for arches enables many different types of structures to be built.  The innovation is inspired by the masonry of the great cathedrals.